Officially known as Trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate, Parabolan is found primarily in performance enhancing circuits. It is the only Trenbolone compound that exists for human consumption. A highly versatile steroid, Parabolan is beyond all steroids in its mass building capacity.

Certain modifications in its chemical properties make it the most potent anabolic steroid available. Parabolan shares most of its properties with other anabolic steroids, but it is different in the sense that it is way more powerful than the others.

Course solo of Parabolan

Parabolan steroid increases protein synthesis. Proteins being building blocks of muscles, this steroid improves muscle mass and its nitrogen retention capacity shields the body from going into a state of catabolism.

Parabolan Dosage

The ideal Parabolan dosage varies greatly depending on the user’s desired effects and the ester used in the preparation of the steroid. However, you can inject Parabolan Acetate every day or every other day in dosages that range from 50mg to 200mg per injection. Most users of the hexahydrobenzylcarbonate and enanthate versions usually inject on weekly basis. It is important to note that a product with higher ester will release the hormone slowly and thus, can be injected less often and in higher dosage.

The dosages of trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate recommended for men are around 100-300mg per full week. High dosages are associated with an increased risk of side effects. The frequency of application is largely individual, but usually injections are made 2 or 3 times a week (ie, the weekly dosage is divided into several applications on different days). There is no need for too frequent injections, because the steroid has a long-lasting effect after administration.

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Solo course

The steroid is not recommended for beginners due to its powerful effect. The Parabolan solo course is suitable for athletes of an average level of training, as well as for professionals who have sufficient experience in taking anabolic steroids and who know the characteristics of their body.

Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate, although it is a steroid with an unpronounceable name, does not in the least diminish its merits. His versatility is what makes him so popular in the bodybuilding world. It will not be difficult for him to build lean muscle mass, achieve excellent relief and at the same time quickly remove body fat.

Since Parabolan is a long form of Trenbolone, it is characterized by a duration of action that averages up to 10-14 days. Despite the fact that the substance remains active in the body for such a long period, in practice the drug is often used from 2 to 4 times a week. Depending on the goals that the athlete sets before the course, as well as the characteristics of his body, the dosage can vary from 200 to 500 mg. in Week. It has been experimentally established that the average dosage of 300 mg is most suitable for most athletes. at a frequency of injections 3 times a week.

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Solo course

This course, which lasts 6 weeks, is designed for an intermediate level athlete who has significant training experience and experience in using steroids. Parabolan is recommended to be administered three times a week at a dosage of 100 mg. at once. Days for intramuscular injections of 1 ml. Monday – 1 ml. Wednesday – 1 ml. Friday and so on throughout the course. This dosage is optimal for achieving the desired results and is often used by amateur bodybuilders. As practice shows, such an amount of a substance has the maximum effect, but it is not sufficient for the development of side effects on the course.

Parabolan should be administered exclusively intramuscularly! The most suitable for the introduction of the drug are syringes with a volume of 2 and 5 ml with a standard needle. For injections, however, insulin syringes and needles are not recommended because they can cause pain, discomfort, and even inflammation. Due to the frequency of administration, it is desirable to change the injection sites in order to exclude the formation of edema and seals.

The recommended weekly dosage is 150-300 mg. Due to the long half-life of parabolan, you can only inject twice every seven days. If your course lasts from 6 weeks, then do not forget about Gonadotropin. This medication will help you avoid serious health problems. Another important nuance of the use of tren is to conduct PCT. After the cancellation of Parabolan, you should not take Tamoxifen. This antiestrogen stimulates the formation of prolactin receptors. The best choice in such a situation would be Clomid.

Side effects

The first organ that suffers from parabolan abuse is the kidneys. Athletes may experience a variety of symptoms from pain to the appearance of blood in the urine. To avoid this and reduce the negative effects of the drug, while taking it, you need to drink as much water as possible, at least 3 liters per day. This will flush the kidneys and remove toxins.

Side effects