Parabolan is a Nandrolone based anabolic steroid and it is very similar to the famous steroid Trenbolone Acetate. It is in fact the same steroid with a different ester attached to it, which gives it the chemical name of Trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate or simply Tren Hex. Hexabolan is another brand name of this steroid, but Parabolan is the most widely known and used name.

Compared with the more commonly used form of Trenbolone, Parabolan is a longer lasting and slower releasing ester which can have some benefits for users who do not like the more frequent injections required of Trenbolone acetate. Besides this difference in the attached ester, the steroid structure itself is exactly the same with both forms of Trenbolone which results in them both having the same effects on the body.

Post cycle therapy of Parabolan

This is a steroid with a number of benefits and some of the disadvantages that you would be familiar with when it comes to steroids. But even if some side effects with Tren Hex can be concerning, it is less likely to cause issues in some of the most familiar of steroid-induced impacts with the main one being its lack of estrogenic activity.

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Features PCT of Parabolan

Parabolan is without a doubt a very powerful steroid capable of suppressing the production of one’s own testosterone. PCT after taking this drug is no less important component than the course itself. Since hexahydrobenzylcarbonate is a “long” form of trenbolone, it is active for another 10-14 days after the last injection, so PCT should be started only after this period, when the anabolic is completely out of the body.

The most effective drug to help neutralize the possible side effects of taking steroids is Clomid. Its effectiveness in terms of restoring testosterone production after the course was appreciated by many athletes. It is not advisable to use another popular drug Tamoxifen after this course, since it can enhance the progesterone activity of Parabolan. Clomid is taken in a dosage of 1 tab. per day for 20 days after 2 weeks from the end of the course.

Features PCT of Parabolan

A post cycle therapy plan  is essential after using Parabolan as it will bring about at least a moderate suppression of testosterone, but in many cases it will be high or total suppression or shut down. And if you’re stacking Tren Hex with any other suppressive compound this effect will be amplified. In short, PCT is a must after a Parabolan cycle.

Nolvadex  or Clomid  are the standard PCT drugs of choice, and due to the higher suppressive nature of Parabolan many users will also opt for HGG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) at a dose of 2500iu weekly for two weeks, to give your natural testosterone production the kick it needs to get back to normal function. This is critical not only for health reasons, but also to maintain the gains you’ve made during the cycle. Low testosterone will result in loss of muscle and the gaining of fat; essentially destroying the hard work you put in during the cycle.

Side effects of Parabolan

Non-compliance with the recommended duration of the course, the frequency or dosage of taking the hormone often provokes negative side effects, which can manifest themselves in the form of:

  • changes in blood pressure;
  • sleep disorders;
  • excessive aggressiveness;
  • acne and oily skin;
  • decreased libido;
  • hair loss.
Side effects of Parabolan

Taking cabergoline or gonadotropin will help minimize unwanted effects. The toxic effect of Parabolan on the liver is minimal, estrogenic effects have not been identified. The red color of the urine during the course is due to the removal of metabolites, and not to liver damage.